RFID & NFC Chip Technology for Humans in Healthcare Paper

In this formal paper, discuss the implications of implanted radio frequency identification (RFID) and Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip technology for humans in healthcare.

Discuss and include the following content in your signature assignment paper:

The controversy related to use of RFID and NFC in humans;
The current and future contributions of companies in developing innovative healthcare products;
The potential benefits for the development of nanotechnology use in healthcare.
The potential ethical and legal implications associated with the development of selected innovations in patient care technologies.

Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT
Length: 8- 10 pages typed (excluding title and reference pages)
Format: Formal APA 6th ed. formatting
Citations & References: In-text and reference page citations; a minimum of nine (9) scholarly, credible reference citations cited in APA 6th ed.and including recent (no older than five years). Include citations for peer-reviewed, credible nursing and healthcare journal articles, credible professional organizations and governmental sources.


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