Research assignment: Do you believe that it is appropriate that we have a single, global set of accounting standards as well as one conceptual framework that has global applicability? Explain your answer. 1500 words maximum.

(Students should provide arguments to support or oppose global uniformity in accounting standards and conceptual frameworks).

Hint: Check the IASB website for information on the latest developmentsand issues on the conceptual framework.

Assessment criteria

 1500 words max.



Very Good








1.  Introduction (5)






2. Body/Discussion (25)

Critical evaluation of topic






3. Recommendation/s (10)

Conclusion (5)






4. Examples (10)






6. Referencing, citations (5)






7.  Evidence of reading, quality and quantity (10)






8.  English expression, coherence, grammar and spelling. Logical flow of ideas (5)






75/3 = 25% 

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