Register in C++

Program 1:
Make a program that manages a registry of compact discs (CDs). The register may e.g. based on a doubly linked list structure according to the following approach:

const int MaxLength 80;
class CDNode
CDNode * next, * prev; 
char title [MaxLength]; 
char artist [MaxLength];
unsigned int time, antalspr;
/ / Constructors and destructors and member functions
/ / Capture, list management, file management and printing etc.

There are many other opportunities for implementation that can be used either their own variations on the above list structure or use of useful classes in the STL (Standard Template Library). Basic functionality to be included such as add and remove entries, list all existing records, etc.. The program will also be able to save the registry file and load the saved registers from file. File format eg be a simple text file format.

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