Reflective Journaling

Reflective Journaling

This reflective journal will address observations, occurrences, and experiences (OOEs) associated with the community group project.  Note:  Each student is required to submit a journal, based on the criteria outlined below.

Notes on Reflective Journal Writing (aka Journaling)

Reflective journaling is a term that refers to documenting your Observations, Occurrences or Experiences (OOEs) and also includes documentation about how the OOE has impacted you personally and/or professionally.   Sometimes, reflective journaling can be entirely personal and can often be expressed in the form of a diary. 

Share your OOEs on the actual community visit and analysis.  Did you enjoy the project?  Did you feel it was educational?  What would you have liked to change about it?  Did the visit and analysis meet or exceed your expectations?  Was it disappointing?  Did you observe anything that was rewarding or inspirational?  Did you observe anything that was disturbing?  What was your “take away” feeling about this community? 

Suggestions for how to approach your journal:

Part 1

Briefly outline the observation, occurrence or experience (OOE) you would like to base your reflective journal entry on.  Keep in mind, if you are sharing a work/professional situation, confidentiality is critical.  Avoid identifying patients/clients and peers/colleagues by name.  If you are sharing a personal situation, remember that it must be related to, and relevant to either your community visit, or your experience(s) as a group member.  Keep your description brief, but include relevant detail to allow the reader to understand why this situation is appropriate for a reflective journal. This section should not exceed 2 paragraphs.

Part 2

Describe how/why this occurrence has meaning for you in your role as a group member, or associated with your experience as a group member.  What specifically about the event has caused you to reflect, learn, change how you typically approach things, re-consider a habit, identify a value etc. If appropriate, you may include researched references.  You should be able to connect the OOE documented in the Introduction to the meaning you’ve identified for yourself AND what actual, possible or potential changes have/might occur for you, as a result.  

Rubric for Journaling Assignment
Format/ APA Max. 2 marks   Meets Expectations.  1 or no format/ APA errors 2 2 format / APA errors 1 2+ format/ APA errors 0
Introduction:   Outline of the Observation, Occurrence or Experience (OOE)   Max 4 marks Above Expectations   4 Meets expectations   3 Approaching Expectations   2 Below Expectations   1 Expectations unmet/ substandard 0
Thoroughly explained, concise and connected to content of assignment   Adequate information included, minimal areas that provide less than ideal detail. Information is present, but not explained adequately.  Connection to content of assignment not solidly established Information is unclear, some connection to content of assignment, however less than obvious. Poor quality information/detail.  Minimal or no connection to content of assignment.
Documentation of insight/ personal meaning and/ or growth   Max 4 marks Thorough evidence of self reflection, personal growth/ meaning, awareness etc. Well established documentation showing self reflection, personal growth, awareness. Ideas expressed, however some areas where connections are not made and/ or indicated Significant areas where insight, meaning and growth are not established or are missing. Unclear, poor connection to insight, meaning and growth.  Missing significant documentation

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