Insomnia can be difficult to treat. There are many medications that we use to help patients fall and stay asleep. For your assigned insomnia medication address the following in your initial post:

Must be peer reviewed sources!!

Name of drug (generic and brand name).
Is it on- or off-label for insomnia?
How does the medication work/mechanism of action?
Describe appropriate dosing. What is the starting dose, maximum dose, and are there any dosing considerations based on age? How do you titrate up or taper off of this medication?
What contraindications are there?
Identify any significant drug-drug, food-drug, herbal-drug, and/or substance-drug interactions and any FDA black box warnings applicable to this medication
Why is your chosen drug a good choice for the treatment of insomnia or what types of insomnia is this medication suited to treat?
Describe the type of education you would provide to a patient starting on your chosen drug.
Identify one research or evidence-based practice article to support your responses and include the citation (with a link if available).

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