Public Administration And Nonprofit Management


Public Administration And Nonprofit Management

For this paper, you will explore a topic in American
government/public administration that interests you, and one you would
like to learn more about. The paper will be on a topic of your choosing,
with instructor approval. You will begin by identifying one public
policy issue (social problem) that has been addressed by a government
(i.e., federal, state, local) agency and/or a non-profit organization in
either the United States or another country and analyze how the
government or non-profit organization has addressed the policy issue.

Your topic will fall generally into one of three categories:

A description of the role and importance of a government or non-profit entity/organization (i.e., Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, American Red Cross)
A public policy position paper on any issue
(i.e., the Civil Rights Act, gun control, immigration, election reform,
social security, health, civil service reform); or
A comparative public administration paper (i.e., compare and contrast one aspect of public administration between the United States and another country).

While the structure of the paper may vary by topic, it should have some general parts:

Brief history of the agency/organization or policy issue
Identify a major social problem in a chosen public policy field
(e.g., health care, education, human services, arts and culture, housing
and community development, environment, international development)
Why the issue is important and what role the issue plays in government and society
Identify the main public organizations (government agencies and/or
non-profit organizations) that are addressing the selected social
The pros and cons of the issue and groups involved (Option #2, only)
A comparison between the various groups selected (Option #3, only)
An update on any recent or controversial happenings
Your conclusions on how the topic has contributed to the field
List of references used in the paper (see notes below)

Your paper is required to be 6 to 8 pages in length (not
including the cover page or list of references) and use APA formatting,
including 12-point font, double-spaced, and one inch margins. Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference for this paper. All
papers will be submitted in class online by the due date. Papers must
have a cover page and a reference page. References must include a
minimum of five sources. Three of these five required references must be
from professional journals or books (e.g., Policy Review, Nonprofit
Management & Leadership)

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