Propagation Neural Network

Need help with my petroleum research – matlab. The topic is :
Computational Analysis of the Estimation of Reservoir Permeability of A Geothermal Reservoir Using A Hybrid Any Colony Optimization – Particle Swarm Optimization – Least Square Support Vector Machine Regression (ACO-PSO-LSSVMr).
Instructions are:
This project is a programming project in which I need the results of the ACO-PSO-LSSVMr to predict the reservoir permeability of a Geothermal Reservoir. I will attach all the codes needed for this project. Kindly modify the codes to fit the project.

  1. Please specify where you obtain your data for the project. (Very Important)
  2. I only need the results for this project,
  3. Please compare the results to PSO-Back Propagation Neural Network (PSO-BPNN), PSO-ANFIS, Support Vector Machine Regression (SVR), Least Square Support Vector Machine – regression (LSSVM), Particle Swarm Optimization-LSSVM (PSO-LSSVM),
  4. I need the graph results to support the results
  5. Use MAPE, RMSE, MAR, and R Squared as evaluation performance models
  6. I need all the modified Matlab codes, tables and graphs

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