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NRSG258: Principles of Nursing: Surgical 2021 NRSG258 _ Assessment1: Case study _ © Australian Catholic University 2021 _ Page 1 of 2 ASSESSMENT INFORMATION Assessment Title Case study Purpose This is a summative written assessment based on a surgical case study requiring appraisal of an individual’s holistic health care needs and subsequent interventions and management to assist with the application of theory into practice Due Date Semester 1, thursday, 22th, April, 2021 Time Due 9am Weighting 50% Length 1800 words +/- 10% (includes intext citations, excludes reference list) Assessment Rubric In the unit outline LOs Assessed LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, & LO5 Task Case study Target Audience Other health professionals Submission Via turnitin dropbox (national assessment tile on LEO) FORMATTING File format .doc or .docx (not .pdf files) Margins 2.54cm, all sides Font and size 11-point Calibri or Arial Spacing Double spacing Paragraph Aligned to left margin, indent first line of each paragraph 1.27cm Title Page Not to be used Level 1 Heading Centered, bold, capitalize each word (14-point Calibri or Arial) Level 2 Headings Not to be used Structure No introduction/conclusion to be used Direct quotes Always require page number. No more than 10% of WC in direct quotes Header Page number top right corner (9 point Calibri or Arial) Footer Name _ Student Number_ Assessment _ Unit _ Year (9 point Calibri or Arial)NRSG258: Principles of Nursing: Surgical 2021 NRSG258 _ Assessment1: Case study _ © Australian Catholic University 2021 _ Page 2 of 2 REFRENCING Referencing Style APA 7th Minimum References 10 references Minimum Age of References Published in the last 5 years as this area of knowledge is rapidly developing List Heading “References” is centered, bold, on a new page. (14 point Calibri or Arial) Alphabetical Order References are arranged alphabetically by author family name Hanging Indent Second and subsequent lines of a reference have a hanging indent DOI Presented as functional hyperlink Spacing Double spacing the entire reference list, both within and between entries ADMINISTRATION Late Penalties Late penalties will be applied from 9:01am on the 22th of April, 2021, incurring 5% penalty of the maximum marks available up to a maximum of 15%. Assessment tasks received more than three calendar days after the due or extended date will not be allocated a mark. Example: An assignment is submitted 12 hours late and is initially marked at 60 out of 100. A 5% penalty is applied (5% of 100 is 5 marks). Therefore, the student receives 55 out of 100 as a final mark. Penalty

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