Primary Air Cargo Aircraft

Primary Air Cargo Aircraft

After reviewing the readings and presentations for this module, it is time to learn more about your research
paper topic. Based on your air cargo research paper topic, please explore the different types of aircraft you
would pick as your primary aircraft. If your topic is a terminal, hub, or air cargo facility, what aircraft selection
would you select for operation at your facility?
Write and submit a two to three-page paper (not including title or references pages). Please number and state
each question/statement, and give each answer its own separate paragraph(s) that addresses the following:
Top 3 aircraft
What are the top 3 aircraft you would examine for your paper?
The aircraft selected
Which one did you select for your paper?
What are the advantages of your primary aircraft selection?
What are the disadvantages of your primary aircraft selection?
Operational concerns or issues
Does your aircraft have any operational concerns or issues?
Maintenance concerns or issues
Does your aircraft have any maintenance concerns or issues?

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