Present cause of inequality in the US

Write an essay (800-900 words min) describing and explaining the present cause of inequality in the United States.

In the introduction try to use impactful to persuade readers that inequality is a problem that needs careful analysis and solution in the United States

In the body of your essay make sure to address the following questions:

What is the situation of class inequality (difference between the 1% and the bottom 20%) in the US? What is the difference between income inequality and wealth inequality ? What is the Rubik’s cube of intersectionality? What does intersectionality reveal about inequality in the US- in other words: why does race and ethnicity matter in terms of class inequality? What is Institutional racism (also know as systemic racism? What are concrete examples of institutional or systemic racism in homeownership, education and implicit biases that explain why white households have been able to accumulate more wealth and better income opportunities than people of color, specially African Americans? Presently, How are Latino population doing in terms of income and wealth inequality as regard those of white households? What are some of the present factors that are impeding Latino population to get ahead in the game?

In your conclusion provide your take on the situation? What do you think are some possible solutions to the problem of inequality?

Review articles/sources attached for citing and a better understanding. You can also use outside sources as well.


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