Pipeline Design in Petroleum Engineering

Pipeline Design in Petroleum Engineering

Do a Technical research paper about: “Pipeline Design in Petroleum Engineering”
The technical research paper should include:
• Title Page
• Abstract
• Table of Contents
• List of Figures (if figures are used in the paper)
• List of Tables (if tables are used in the paper)
• The report with enough informative, detailed content to fill 5-7 pages
• References
This paper will follow current APA guidelines. The margins should be 1” and the font size should 12-point Times New Roman. Please double-space the report
and other sections as dictated by APA.
All graphics and tables should be numbered, labeled, and cited according to APA guidelines and
classroom discussions. Additionally, graphics and tables should be referenced within the appropriate
text of the document and appear as close to that reference as feasible (this is one of the minor
departures I have with APA).
The audience for your technical paper is your class peers, TAs, and instructor.
The technical research paper has to follow every single detail of the rubric.
The sources that we have to use will be attached to the files


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