phyllis young only 14

CJ150: Juvenile Delinquency this is the discussion 150 words or more
please answer each qusetion in-order for me to get full creditneed reference for this one
What is meant by the child protection system (CPS)?
Identify the importance of CPS intervention programs and if you think the courts act in the best interest of an abused child when they allow that child to remain with the family. May certain circumstances allow for this? Explain.
The Changing American Family
300 words need reference for this one as well
you have to answer each question so i can get full credit
This week’s will consider how changing values and economic necessities have altered the concept of the typical American family.
How can a strong family unit serve as a buffer against delinquency? Is it appropriate for parents to use physical (corporal) punishment to discipline their children? What is the likelihood that abused children will grow up to be abusive parents?

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