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We live in the age of social media. We have never known as much about each other as we do now. In fact, recording and sharing a video has become commonplace. Anyone with a smart phone, webcam and maybe some editing software can create a video about any topic. This technology, and the opportunities for self promotion that come with it, are available to job seekers as well.

For this assignment, you will be creating your own Visume- your online resume. Follow the guidelines presented in this week’s materials. Be sure to present the image you want to project.

Think about content. This should NOT be you reading your resume. This should be about you discussing Brand You. What sets you apart? What skills do you have? Why should someone hire you?

Think about location. If you want to project an active or outdoorsy image film your visume outdoors or in a gym. If you want to project a conservative more traditional image, film your visume in an office type setting.

Think about production. Most computers come with some form of free video editing software. Dust it off and take it for a spin. Think about adding music in the background that supports the image you want to project. Think about adding text to emphasize the key points of your Visume.

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