Optimizing The Physical Space In An Early Childcare Center

To create a poster with several guiding principles for optimizing the physical space in an early childcare center and to evaluate your poster.

You are the director of a childcare center for infants and toddlers. You have several novice teachers on your staff whose infant learning environments do not align with NAEYC recommendations.

After watching the video, “Appropriate Learning Environments and Room Arrangements,” you realize that the teachers would benefit from a set of basic, recommended guidelines. You decide to make a poster to summarize several of these guidelines, drawing from the advice of early childhood specialists, before meeting with each teacher to discuss how best to rearrange classroom furniture, toys, books, and so on. You annotate each guideline on your poster, explaining the advantages from the child’s perspective.

Last, you do the same, explaining the advantages from the teacher’s perspective.
create a poster, using digital tools, that summarize six recommended guidelines for creating a warm, stimulating, and engaging space for infants and toddlers.

Then annotate each guideline, explaining the benefits from the child’s point of view. Explain the benefit of each guideline from the teacher’s perspective.

Self-Reflection: 50 points
For each item of your poster, explain how this guideline addresses the issues in the scenario

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