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One way consumers can evaluate alternatives is to identify important attributes and assess how purchase alternatives perform on those attributes. Consider the purchase of an automobile. Each attribute, such as gas mileage, is given a weight to reflect its level of importance to that consumer. Then the consumer evaluates each alternative on each attribute. For example, in the following table, gas mileage (weighted at 0.5) is the most important attribute for this consumer. The consumer believes that Brand C performs best on gas mileage, rating it 7 (higher ratings indicate higher performance). Brand B is perceived as performing the worst on this attribute (rating of 3). Styling and price are the consumer’s next most important attributes. Warranty is least important. Importance Alternative Brands Attributes Weight (e) A B C Styling 0.2 4 6 2 Gas mileage 0.5 6 3 7 Warranty 0.1 5 5 4 Price 0.2 4 6 7 A score can be calculated for each brand by multiplying the importance weight for each attribute by the brand’s score on that attribute. These weighted scores are then summed to determine the score for that brand. For example, ScoreBrand A = (0.2 × 4) + (0.5 × 6) + (0.1 × 5) + (0.2 × 4) = 0.8 + 3.0 + 0.5 + 0.8 = 5.1. This consumer will select the brand with the highest score. 5-13. Calculate the scores for Brands B and C. Which brand would this consumer likely choose? (AACSB: Written and Oral Communication; Analytic Thinking) 5-14. Which brand is this consumer least likely to purchase? Discuss two ways the marketer of this brand can enhance consumer attitudes toward purchasing its brand. (AACSB: Written and Oral Communication; Reflective Thinking; Analytic Thinking)

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