. On the day of the exercise, you are provided with data of serum urea levels th

. On the day of the exercise, you are provided with data of serum urea levels that were assayed several times in the same run, by the urease method. The mean and the range have been calculated for you and are given.
Use this information to prepare Shewhart/Levey Jennings and cusum plots, which have clearly marked on them, mean for the method and/or the accepted limits of imprecision (± 2 SD).
b. You are provided with urea levels assayed daily for 21 days, using the same (as above) QC material from a QC program. Using this data and the limits/range from (a) plot:
Shewhart/Levey Jennings plots (2 plots).
cusum plot.
c. You are also provided with data from 3 different laboratories on QC performance on urea analysis using the same the method and same QC material over the same period. Plot the performance of the 3 laboratories on the same graph paper using any of the two Shewhart/Levey Jennings plots. Compare the weekly and overall performance of the 3 laboratories.
(a) QA/QC exercise
(b) Bilirubin (total bilirubin and conjugated bilirubin) – to be written as one practical
(c) Lipids (triglycerides, total cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol) – to be written as one practical. Point of care testing is not written.
(d) Non protein nitrogenous compounds (creatinine and urea) – to be written as one practical
Please see ‘Assessment information’ in the subject outline for more information on the write- up.
[The write-up should among others include:
the concept of quality control, quality assurance and its significance in clinical biochemistry (Introduction)
types of QC programs in clinical biochemistry (Introduction)
Shewhart and cusum plots for urea QC on separate graph papers (Section A of your
practical sheet with QC data) (Results)
graphs/plots (on one graph paper) using data from the 3 laboratories i.e. Laboratories
1 to 3 (Section B of your practical sheet with QC data). The student can use any of the
two Levey-Jennings/Shewhart plots covered (Results) ]

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