My research question is: How has social media impacted beauty standards towards

My research question is: How has social media impacted beauty standards towards women in the United States now in this year compared to thirty years ago?
1) Provide a revised explanation of your topic in a brief introductory paragraph of 3-4 sentences. This brief paragraph should explain what your topic is and what your central research question(s) will be.
We will be looking to see that your research question/topic is clearly defined and specific enough, and that the sources you have chosen look like they will help answer your research question.
2) List 3 primary sources alphabetically and with annotations
3) List 4 secondary sources alphabetically with annotations
In 2) and 3), for each source, provide an annotation of at least 3-4 sentences to explain what information the source includes.
Annotations should be in the Chicago style bibliography format
Be sure to also explain how that specific source will help you answer the research question that you included in 1.
Primary sources can include government documents, transcripts of court cases, oral histories, interviews from women who first hand experienced it, family and personal papers, magazines, fiction and film.
some idea is to include magazine advertisements that were derogatory towards women beauty standards and unrealistic. you can also use the film Miss Representation as one of the primary source since there are celebrities that are interviewed in it that explain their experience and the beauty standards.
Secondary source are scholarly articles/academic sources books that deal with your topic. They should be historical.
List the primary and secondary sources alphabetically and with the annotations. Annotations should be at least 3-4 sentences explaining what the information the source includes and how it will help to answer that research question.
Please make sure to be specific in terms of time period, place, who, what where when why of the topic and research question ( i fave you mine but if you think it needs fixing go for it just keep it specific).

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