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MGMT5907 ASSESSMENT: ARTICLE REVIEW 2Instructions:• Please download (via the online catalogue of the UNSW library) and read the following article:Heilman, M. E., & Okimoto, T. G. (2008). Motherhood: a potential source of bias in employmentdecisions. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93(1), 189-198.• Once you have read the article, please write a review which is structured around the followingquestions (the percentages in brackets indicate the approximate weighting given to each question):1. Provide a summary of the purpose, methods and findings of the study (40%). Your summaryshould cover the following points:A. Briefly describe the purpose of the research (i.e., what issue was investigated; what were thekey variables of interest)? (5%)B. Describe the key features of the methodology used by the researchers to conduct theresearch (i.e., who participated in the studies, how were the studies conducted, and whatdata was collected). (20%)C. Using bullet points, describe the findings of the research in relation to the effect of theindependent variables on (i) anticipated commitment, (ii) anticipated competence, and (iii)screening recommendations. [NOTE: You do not need to focus on the statistics. You shouldinstead try to get an understanding of the key conclusions that were drawn about the aboveeffects, based on the description in the text and associated tables]. (15%)2. Evaluate the study in terms of its internal validity and external validity. (40%)3. Read the scenario “Career Blues” that appears on the next page. Based on the findings in theHeilman & Okimoto (2008) studies, evaluate the claims made by each of the five friends in thescenario (i.e., is the claim consistent with the evidence in the article? Why or why not?). Makesure to explicitly link your arguments to specific findings in the Heilman & Okimoto article. (20%)• The review should be a maximum of 4 double-spaced A4 pages long (Times New Roman, 12-pointfont with 2.5cm margins). Please stick to the page limit as it will be strictly enforced.• In completing the assignment you do not need to refer to any other research papers, other than theHeilman and Okimoto (2008) article cited above.• Article Review 2 will comprise 20% of your overall mark for the course (i.e., 20 of the 100 marks). Youwill be marked based on how precisely and accurately you respond to each section and how clearlyyou communicate your responses. Sections 1, 2 and 3 are weighted approximately 40%, 40% and20% respectively. Section 1 is further broken down into parts A, B, and C, which are weighted 5%,20% and 15%, respectively.• Note that it is important that you answer the questions in your own words rather than using phrasesfrom the article. DO NOT JUST COPY WHOLE SENTENCES WHILE CHANGING A SMALL NUMBER OFWORDS. Also note that this is not a group activity, so you should complete your reviews individually.•Scenario: Career BluesJennifer, Michael, Anastasia, Juan, Ting, and David are six finance professionals in their early 30s whobecame friends several years ago while they were completing an MBA. Once a year they catch up forlunch to discuss their lives and their careers. All six are married to other people, however only Juanhas children.At their most recent catch up, Jennifer lets her friends know that she is pregnant and is due to givebirth in six months. On the one hand, she is very excited and is looking forward to having a child. Onthe other hand, she has always been career-driven and wonders what effect becoming a mother willhave on her career progression. In particular, she is hoping to be promoted to assistant vicepresident of financial affairs in her company over the next few years. She is concerned thatmotherhood will affect how she is judged by others and will reduce her likelihood of beingpromoted. She asks her friends what they think:• Michael states that Jennifer has a legitimate cause for concern. He strongly believes thatbecoming a mother has a negative impact on others’ judgments about that person’s competenceand commitment at work.• Anastasia acknowledges that Jennifer may be perceived as less competent than her malecounterparts, but she believes that this has more to do with negative stereotypes about thecompetence of women, rather than being specifically related to being a mother. She claims thatwomen in general are judged as less competent, regardless of whether they have children or not.• Juan believes that the main issue has to do with parenthood rather than gender. He claims thatnegative competence judgments occur about all parents, not just mothers.• Ting agrees with Michael that mothers are likely to be perceived as less competent at work.However, she does not think that this will decrease Jennifer’s likelihood of being promoted. Sheclaims that this is because competence judgments have little if any effect on promotiondecisions, as managers understand that competence is an attribute that can be developed on thejob.• David argues that Jennifer should only be concerned if the person making the hiring decision is aman. He claims that negative judgments about mothers at work occur among men, whereaswomen do not display such biases towards mothers.Turnitin Submission InstructionsYou should make sure to submit a softcopy of your review via Turnitin. Please onlyinclude your student id (not your name or other personal details) on the softcopy.There are a few important things to remember about Turnitin:• Turnitin is used to detect plagiarism. The software compares your assignment against publishedmaterial and other submitted work (e.g., other students’ assignments) to identify overlap.• After uploading, you should check the originality report. If there is more than 20-25% overlapbetween your final submitted assignment and other material as determined by Turnitin then I maybe asking you to explain why this is the case. As such, if you have excessive overlap you shouldcorrect this on your original copy and upload again. Turnitin only allows you to check the originalityreport once every 24 hours, so it’s a good idea to upload your assignment early so as to haveadequate time to address any issues well before the due date.• Note that your assignment will remain in the Turnitin database for an unknown period, during whichtime it may be used to determine whether other individuals have engaged in academic misconduct.Turnitin stores the document both in its original form and in an “electronic fingerprint” form. Theoriginal form of the document is only available to the original author and the lecturer of the courseto which the document was submitted. Neither UNSW nor Turnitin administration staff are able toview assignments submitted through Turnitin. If another document is subsequently submitted toTurnitin and matches text in your paper, the lecturer responsible for the new document will only beprovided with the following information: (a) the name of the institution from which the matchingassignment originated, (b) the name of the course to which the matching assignment was submitted,(c) the name and email address of the lecturer responsible for that course, (d) the file name of thematching assignment, and (e) the date the matching assignment was submitted.• If you would like more information on turnitin, including instructions on how to submit your work,visit:• For more information on plagiarism and how to avoid it, visit:

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