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.  Read Marx: *CH 10 (Manifesto) & CH 11 (Capital) 

2.  Watch: lecture on labor & stratification & do quiz that immediately follows.

3.  Apply: (Making Tshirt)

Watch the entire series of videos & read the background information in between videos.

4. In your journal, respond to each the following:

A.  How do the situations in the video align with what Marx describes? Use Marx’s viewpoint and language/terminology (words from the reading). [There are lots of “characters” in the video. You may choose any of them.]

B.  How do most Americans talk about Marx? What is Marx actually concerned about? How is this a social work issue?

C.  Find two issues in our current world and connect them to economic inequality. For instance, in the US, health insurance is tied to jobs. Good paying jobs tend to have good insurance; if you have a contract position or no job you may not have health insurance. Consequently, economic status determines health. Those who own the means of production (those with the most money, who own the places others work, also have unlimited access to health care access. For instance, the Zuckerberg-Chan family (bourgeois) (Facebook) have an entire hospital named after them. Not only do they have unfettered access to health care, the entire system of health care where they live is named for them. Contract employees (proletariat) who examine bullying complaints for Facebook, do not have any health insurance or guarantee of health, even though they are doing the work that provides money to the Zuckerbergs. In this example, I have outlined how health insurance is tied to economic inequality in our capitalist system. Be sure to use Marx’s language (terminology) when you write.

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