Management principles, mla 2 and half pages min of full text

Examples and MLA format are very important

**Define and discuss the three main symptoms of stress. Give and discuss an example of each.


  • In length, papers will be exactly 2 ½ – 3 pages of text. 
  • If used, graphics, title page, footnotes, bibliography, student data (name, course name and number, etc.), separate line for paragraph subject, etc. are not a part of the text standard.
  • No fluff…Like lists or mere regurgitation of the study guide standing alone without detailed discussion.   Fluff status determined by the objective and subjective evaluation of the professor.
  • Provide one footnote or more.
  • Give a personal example with facts, specifics and substance in your discussion.
  • Double-spaced in 12 pitch, New Times Roman in MS Word format…
  • Points will be deducted if the paper is not clear and concise, professional in appearance, logical, complete with articulate thoughts and grammatically correct. 
  • 1″ or less margins all around…No fat margins. If footnotes, lists, computer automatic formatting issues, graphics or whatever, make the text margins more than 1″ add text on the last page(s) to compensate (Fat content determined by the objective and subjective evaluation of the professor).
  • Do not plagiarize.  Footnotes, endnotes, works cited and bibliography should and must be used if appropriate. If plagiarism is suspected or proven and if appropriate, no points will be earned and will be reported to the Associate Dean, College of Business 
  • Any violation of these rules may result in the loss of all points or a portion of them.
  • This term paper must meet the standards outlined herein for each assignment, plus the following:

Clear and Concise: Clear main point, effective business tone, insight into subject, demonstrates awareness of audience.

Professional Appearance: Appropriate approach, organization, flow, pace, transitions (connections), follows proper formatting (heading, purpose, opening, etc).

Logical, Complete, and Articulate Thoughts: Provides coherent explanations, examples, descriptions, information.

Correct Grammar: Word choice, grammatical usage, spelling, punctuation, sentence style.

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