Management 585 â?? Motivation Assignment Position PaperSpring 20161. Watch the TED video â?? Dan Pin

Management 585 – Motivation Assignment Position PaperSpring 20161. Watch the TED video – Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation Watch the video again.3. Reflect upon the contents of the video and compare it to themotivation theories presented in your textbook.4. Prepare a reflective position paper where you take a stand and tellme whether you agree or disagree with the opening premise of thevideo “Traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as wethink.â€5. The discussion of your position should include concepts such as:carrots and sticks; autonomy, mastery, and purpose; mechanicalskills versus rudimentary cognitive skills; the candle problem;and incentives dull thinking and kills creativity. You should applyyour chapter material, external material, and the concepts fromthis video to build/explain your position.6. Use a minimum of 3 quality peer reviewed articles to aid insupporting your position.Submit this assignment as a double-spaced word document in theappropriate course dropbox. Your response should not exceed 5 pages.

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