LQB693 Immunological Approaches For Infection And Immunity

Short Essay:

In a similar style to that found in the scientific literature as short communications / commentaries / perspectives in journals such as Environmental Science & Technology / Soil Biology & Biochemistry / Rhizospere.

Select 1 question from the 6 provided (note that some questions are much broader in scope than others).


  1. Discuss how soil could be managed more sustainably and the implications for farming practices
  2. Discuss actions to improve soil organic matter content and how this impacts soil sustainability
  3. Discuss the role of soil biodiversity and microbial activity in maintaining the sustainable use of soils
  4. Discuss options for protecting soil biodiversity and biological processes in agricultural settings
  5. Discuss the potential for agricultural soils to act as carbon sinks and mitigate climate change
  6. Discuss how sustainable soil management can help adapt agriculture to climate change

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