Assignment 2: Midweek Production Assignment: Drafting AssignmentRequests for Admissions
The request to admit is a document that has some special significance in a trial. It asks the opposing side to admit to facts and conclusions of law. This document will eliminate many areas from the trial proceeding because the issued admitted will no longer need to be litigated.
At this stage you should have answers to the following questions:
As a paralegal on the Harper case you have been in charge of keeping track of the file and drafting most court and discovery documents under the supervision of your attorney. When reviewing the file you note that the defendant O’Fay neglected to affirmatively respond to what you believe are indisputable facts. You relay this information to your supervising attorney who directs you to draft and serve a request for admissions on O’Fay.
Compile your draft in a Microsoft Word document.
On a separate page cite all sources using the Bluebook format

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