law discussion 1

Note: I need 250 words answer and 2-3 credible references for the discussion below. Must address the discussion question properly. Must provide 100% original answers.
Archie wants to get an edge against his business competitor Reggie so during an afternoon that he knows Reggie will be out of his office Archie walks into Reggie’s business office (which is unlocked – the secretary is away from her desk) and looks at Reggie’s computer. The computer automatically enters the password of Reggie’s e-mail so with just a couple clicks Archie is able to view Reggie’s e-mail and get some information about his competitor’s dealings. Then Archie realizes that Reggie’s bank account is accessible on his computer as well and so Archie arranges to send $1500 from Reggie’s account to an account of Archie’s (but it’s set up so that it would look like it’s just a regular payment to one of Reggie’s creditors).
Look up the burglary statute in a state of California

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