Note: Read the scenario and answer the discussion question in 300 words. Must include 2-3 credible references cited in APA. Must provide 100% original work.
Glinda and Dorothy are walking through a forest. Dorothy wants to try out her new archery bow. She knows that theyre near the house of Mandi Munchkin and that Mandi spends most of her time outdoors but she still shoots some arrows into the air just to see how far the arrows will go. Mandi gets hit by one of the arrows and is badly injured. Her brother Max tries to drive Mandi to the hospital but his car breaks down and so It takes a long time to drive through the forest to the hospital and in the meantime Mandis wound gets infected she dies before she can reach the hospital.
Glinda and Dorothy keep walking unaware that Mandi got hit by an arrow. Then Glinda asks to borrow Dorothys bow and climbs a tree. From the top of the tree she can see Zelena who is standing on the balcony of her house nearby. Glinda has been angry at Zelena and had planned before going on the walk in the forest to shoot Zelena with an arrow. She shoots the arrow at Zelena but at the last moment Zelena bends down to pick up an Emerald and instead the arrow hits Elpha killing her. Glinda gets down from the tree and tells Dorothy to run Dorothy didnt know about Glindas plan but Glinda tells her what happened while theyre running through the forest. Dorothy tells Glinda that she can stay at her house and hide.
Lots of issues but we will be focusing on intent causation and accomplice liability. Explain your answers to the following questions: In deciding whether Dorothy can be charged for the homicide of Mandi what level of intent could apply and why? Can it be said that Dorothy caused the death of Mandi?
How would you explain the type/level of intent that Glinda had in terms of shooting Zelena and Elpha with the arrow? What kind of liability might Dorothy have for the shooting of Elpha?

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