Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Policy Regarding Vaping Use

Research Poster

You are tasked with assembling a Research Poster for the topic of how Saudi Vision 2030 progressed from agenda to policy in terms as it relates to tobacco and vaping use. Approach the situation as if you are gathering sources to present this research at a conference. Be sure your references address:

  • How tobacco and vaping concerns are indicated in Saudi Vision 2030.
  • What are some of the methods in obtaining research and data for shaping Kingdom of Saudi Arabia policy regarding tobacco and vaping use?
  • Any challenges to collecting evidence-based information.
  • Health policy laws implementing positive social changes in this area of healthcare.
  • What is the importance of this information?
  • Why is your research topic relevant to your audience or field of study?
  • How is it applicable beyond these contexts?

For more information and an example of a Research Poster, look it online

This Research Poster should meet the following criteria:

  • Include sections for: Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, and Conclusion. Include a title slide and references slide.
  • Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of 4 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals (Must be published from 2016-2021)
  • Be formatted according to APA 7th edition writing guidelines.

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