ITECH3215 Information Security|Symmetric

1. Give an example of an information security threat that has a low impact and a high likelihood. Explain your reasoning behind your classification. 2. Give an example of a security measure that protects against a person guessing someone’s password using a website. Justify your response. 3. Give an example of a security measure that increases the effort of an attacker attempting to penetrate a corporate network. 4. If websites limit the number of password guesses, why is it still important to have a very strong password? 5. Describe a recent technical security vulnerability, what the threat is, how the vulnerability was introduced and an appropriate countermeasure. 6. List two key variables factors used for risk assessment. Give an example of how they can be used to estimate impact. 7. You have been tasked with planning security for a new internet banking system. What steps would you follow to create a Cyber Security Plan? Describe TWO elements and give an example of how you would use each element to support the CIA triad. 8. Describe the strengths of symmetric and asymmetric encryptions schemes in providing confidentiality and authentication. 9. Intruders can act as masqueraders. Describe, this type of attack could be mounted by insiders or outsiders and why? 10. Differentiate between polymorphic and metamorphic viruses and what is the role of encryption in virus propagation. 
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