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Literature Review Activities
All projects must include a search and review of relevant and credible literature presented in a 4-page report. This should provide background for the project and/or provide the basis for the methodologies being used in the project. For example if you are developing a Web site for a client you might focus on the software tools you use and when they might be used or a topic such as usability if that is your focus. Your Literature Review should include the sources a brief description of the content of each source and the applicability to your project. It is anticipated that you will review 10 15 scholarly articles technical Web sites or books depending on the type of project.
The sources should be credible and not just the opinion of a specific individual. They should be verified as credible and cited in APA format. Each source should be listed with a paragraph explaining the contents of the document and why it is relevant to your project.
The literature review is subject to a formal review process with a draft being submitted to the professor for review and feedback followed by a completed report to be submitted to the client.

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