INTRODUCTION My DAP (Diet Analysis Project) is an opportunity to learn more abou

My DAP (Diet Analysis Project) is an opportunity to learn more about your own eating patterns and identify gaps in food groups, which can impact your nutritional health. This project requires you to use the information in the course, public access tools for measuring dietary intake, and other reliable sources of health information to create a personal assessment.
Students will be able to compare their intake to what the current recommendations are.
Please find “Food intake record” template (file) which you can fill in. On the Food Intake Record Template you will record everything you eat for 3 days. You need to include this information in your PPT Presentation.
Then find the “DAP” Diet Analysis Project (File), read the directions and follow it.
You are expected to put some personal insight into the final presentation and submit a complete project consistent college-level work. This includes proper citation of references, proper grammar, correct spelling, and APA format style.
Need to identify your areas of strength and of weakness.
Compare each section with what you ate and use this information to write your analysis.
Discuss reasons your intake either exceeds, meets or is below your target.
If there are unique reasons for large gaps or overages, you should explain that.
Make suggestions where changes could be made in order to meet your target amounts.
You will also need to address what you should do to improve your intake to make a more complete and nutritionally balanced diet.
Name at least one nutrient from each food group that you could be at risk if you do not meet (or if you exceed) the recommended amounts.
The DAP is to be submitted in the format of a Power Point (minimum 10- maximum 20 slides), there is no additional paper due on this topic. Include the information from all your analysis in the PPT slides.

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