introduction and situational analysis of an case study essay 1

write minimum 5 full pages SINGLE-SPACED (this is about 3000 words)

This is a case study essay of a company Victoria’s Secret. The format will be introduction-analysis-alternatives-recommendation. I only need introduction and analysis. Please feel free to use any resourse

  1. Background Information:

Talk about history of VS a little bit

Explain VS struggles in the American market, and attempts for expansion in China.

Discuss market performance in North America (Compare the Chinese, American and European markets)

The most important concerns when entering into a new market (NA and China) as a European brand.

The possible backlash the company may face in the Chinese market as they are a very conservative culture. (The cultural universals. Please incorporate with concepts from the file)

2. Situational Analysis:

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

PEST (political, environmental, sociocal, technological) > of China

Michael Porter 5 Forces (in relation to entering the Chinese market for lingerie?)

  • Threats of entrants
  • Threats of rivals
  • Substitutes
  • Power of buyers
  • Power of suppliers

Is VS a socially responsible company?

VS differential advantage (refer the file.)

  • A differential advantage is some unique advantage a firm has over its competitors in a given market.

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