InstructionsWrite a complete project paper in which you provide the following:

Write a complete project paper in which you provide the following:
Part I: Executive Summary
Develop a one- to two-page executive summary in which you describe the project’s key elements and findings. (Assume this will be read by one or more decision-makers who have responsibility for the program. This is where you “sell” your training proposal.)
Part II: Revised Assignments
Provide the final version of The Proposal (Week 3).
Provide the final version of The Plan (Week 6).
Part III: Conclusion and Lessons Learned
Write a one- to two-page conclusion that provides your observations about the project, challenges, and lessons learned.
Using your answers and responses from the discussion question in Week 6, propose at least one way you can use moderation to justify the need for the learning and training team that you head.
Provide at least six relevant, quality references, which must be published in the last two years.

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