Instructions: Write a 4-5 page, double-spaced paper, with 1-inch margins, in res

Instructions: Write a 4-5 page, double-spaced paper, with 1-inch margins, in response to the following prompt (word count at least 1500). This is an essay which means you should NOT number your responses. A bibliography is not necessary. But make sure it’s clear which sources you are using in your paper. Only use resources attached in file, do not use outside resources. Description of Investigative AssignmentThe investigative assignment is an informal “action” project in which you will briefly talk to people about topics from the course. You will only use these informal interviews for the purposes of this course. Follow the general gist of the script below to help you explain to people why you want to interview them. More detailed tips for talking to people will be discussed in class. Use email, phone, zoom, etc. to conduct your interviews. They can be but do not have to be in person.General script to use to explain the assignment to peopleHi, my name is __________. I am taking a class where we are learning about how society influences education. One of my assignments is to talk to people about some of the course topics. The goal is for me to hear the many different ways people think and talk about success, and the role of education. Anyone I talk to will remain anonymous, meaning I will not reveal your identity to my class or to my teacher. This is only for an assignment. This will be quick! Can I please talk to you for 20-30 minutes?Part ATalk with 3 people (anyone you have access to in your home and through phone, email, Zoom, etc.) about their perspective on economic/academic success and education. Ask them the following questions. Feel free to ask other questions in addition to the ones below.1a. From your perspective and experiences, what do you think are the most important factors that influence someone’s economic or academic success (e.g., good career/job, high salary, owning a home, etc.)?1b. Why do you believe those factors are important?What role does family play in influencing someone’s economic or academic success?
Do you think people’s cultural background can influence whether or not they are successful in school or in life? Please explain.
What role does education play in influencing someone’s economic or academic success?
Do you think that education can prevent or improve economic or academic success? Please explain.
Can you think of any reasons why some students may typically do better in school than others?
Can you think of any reasons why some students may typically do worse in school than others?
What changes do you believe need to be made to the current educational system to meet future demands of the U.S. economy?
Part BIn 5 double-spaced pages write up your assignment using the following headers to organize the three sections below:Section 1 – Describe in roughly 1-2 pages who you talked to (no names), and summarize what each person said.Section 2 – In approximately 2-3 pages use the course material from weeks 1-6 to analyze each interview. Refer to specific points from lecture or the readings to discuss any connections between what you heard and the course. For example, do the interviewees refer to ideas associated with the concept of merit, the “achievement ideology,” ideas about intelligence, capability or motivation, someone’s cultural values or family background, someone’s class background, or the impact of school on opportunities in life? Do the interviews contradict or critique any of the concepts that we discussed during weeks 1-6?Section 3 – In a page or less discuss YOUR perspective on the above questions regarding economic/academic success and education. To stick to the page limit, summarize your overall perspective; you do not need to answer each question separately.Grading/Other helpful suggestionsBe sure to use examples from the readings, asynchronous materials, supplementary materials, and/or lectures to help you explain section 2. Your paper must have a total of at least four sources that you’re using as examples (from the course). DO NOT use outside sources.An “A” paper is one that accurately and appropriately uses examples from at least four sources to support their analysis in section 2 of the paper and is clear and coherent.
Requirements: word count at least 1500

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