[In Process] 70415 – ASSESSMENT TASK 3Description: Continuing


[In Process] 70415 – ASSESSMENT TASK 3Description: Continuing
Description: Continuing from AT2, you will now explore the local status of the SDG goal you chose. For this assessment you will answer the questions below, relating the SDG goal and example that you wrote about in AT2 to the local context.
It is important that your submission is in your own words as it is your understanding that we are assessing. There will be a guide showing how to do this assessment on LEO.
1. Explain how the situation you wrote about in AT2 affects human dignity in Australia.
2. Explain how the situation you wrote about in AT2 affects the common good in
3. Explain how the situation you wrote about in AT2 affects one other CST principle in
4. Choose an actual local community in which you may live or work: (this may be friends
and family, your town/suburb/city, a workplace etc). Describe it briefly.
5. Discuss one ACTUAL, REALISTIC way that people in your future profession/ideal job (ie with your skills and attributes) could work towards achieving the goal in this community. In your answer, discuss how these people would engage with the community, including the individuals and/or communities they would work with.
6. How would this help this community achieve this goal?
7. Does advocacy play any role in your solution? If so, explain how it might occur and who might be involved: if not, explain why.
8. What problems might prevent your suggestion (in Q5) from succeeding, or from being put into practice? What are some barriers, and what might be needed to overcome them?
9. How do you think achieving the goal in one country (such as Australia or the country you wrote about in AT2) could contribute to a better global situation?
Please choose references that are relevant and readily found, and prepare a reference list for this assessment using the referencing style in your course (name the style at the top of your reference list).
Weighting: 50%
Length and/or format: Purpose:.
1000-1200 words
In this assessment you will apply your knowledge and understanding of relevant CST principles, advocacy and community engagement to explore how people in your profession could work with local communities on problems related to the SDGs

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