Identify the Choice that Best Completes the Statement Ansies


Identify the choice that best completes the stalemenl ansies 1. All except ONE of the following is true about Lean Principles and Concepts. Which ONE is NOT correct? a. Basically Lean is the elimination of Lean has several objectives that are in direct opposition to traditional mass production concepts. c. waste (muda). b. Lean includes the concept of Continuous d. Lean deploymnent is required before stability in the quality environment can be achieved. 2. Which of the following developed motion study concepts which are the basis of modern day Predetermined Time Standard Systems? a. b. Frederick Taylor Frank & Lillian Gilbreth c. Elton Mayo d. Shigco Shingo 3. Which of the following is the most commonly used technique for setting manufacturing time standards? a. Stopwatch Time Study b. Predetermined Time Standard systems d. Kaizen Which of the following is the typical performance level where time standards are established? c. Work Sampling 4. a. 42% b.6096 c. d. 85% 120% wih ONR of the following is NOT

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