Identify an experienced professional working in your desired career field. Conta

Identify an experienced professional working in your desired career field. Contact this person and arrange an interview (may be in person or by phone; be sure to send a thank-you message after the interview). Create an interview protocol (list of 6-10 questions to ask them) regarding the importance of communication in their career. At least two of your interview questions must address the following:
How important are communication skills in your profession? What specific kinds of communication skills are most valuable?
What are some examples of emotional labor associated with your job? What are some specific ways that you manage these stresses?
Include your interview protocol at the end of your paper. For the paper, write a summary of your findings using concepts from chapters 5-8 with definitions and examples to demonstrate understanding (you may also use concepts from previous chapters, but focus on chapters 5-8). The paper must be submitted through IvyLearn as Word document (if working in google docs, save as a Word document before uploading to IvyLearn). Be prepared to discuss your paper in class.
Concepts used in your paper may include but are not limited to those listed below:
Verbal communication, jargon
Convergence, divergence
Powerful and powerless (or polite) language use
Inclusive language (as opposed to sexist, racist, or other exclusionary language use)
Content and relational messages
Nonverbal communication (identify specific types)
Proxemics, territory
Listening, empathy, response styles
Informational (task-related) and relational listening
Emotional labor
Facilitative and debilitative emotions (relate to fallacies)
Emotional contagion
Emotional intelligence
Grading Criteria
Content (90%)
Use concrete examples from the interview to discuss and illustrate at least 10 key concepts (underline) from Chapters 5-8
Use specific examples from the interview to illustrate the significance (or importance) of workplace communication
Have specific examples of workplace communication challenges
Have specific examples of choices made or actions taken to improve communication
Identify what you found to be appealing or problematic about communication in the workplace environment
Describe your thoughts about entering the career field, in light of what you learned from the interview
Correctly define and apply key terms
Format (10%)
Typed, double spaced, 1-inch margins
11 or 12 point font (Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman)
900-1200 words (approximately 3-4 pages)
Paragraphs and complete sentences
Introduction and conclusion
Personalize your paper by using the first person
Proofread for grammar, spelling
Underline key terms
Not required: reference list, source citations
Submission and Timeliness
Submit as a .doc or .docx format
Upload to IvyLearn by midnight on due date (all due dates are posted in IvyLearn and the Syllabus/Course Calendar)

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