i need someone to come up with adolescent interview questions ages 14 18 for my psychology class


For this assignment, you will create interview questions as though you were going to conduct an interview with an adolescent between the ages of 14 – 18. You will not interview anyone, you are only creating the questions for the interview.

Create 2 questions relating to functioning in the 4 domains we focus on in this course, for a total of 8 questions:

  • Physical
    • Question 1
    • Question 2
  • Cognitive
    • Question 3
    • Question 4
  • Emotional
    • Question 5
    • Question 6
  • Social
    • Question 7
    • Question 8

Your questions MUST follow these guidelines:

  • They must be open-ended (not questions that only call for only a “yes” or “no”)
  • You cannot ask direct questions about their physical functioning/perceptions. You will ask a more general questions (example: “In what ways do you notice differences in height and sizes amongst your peers?”)
  • You may not ask any questions that are overly personal or could cause them to have to think about concepts that could be upsetting to a developing adolescent.
  • Your questions must reflect that you are connecting the course concepts to the assignment.

Thank you!

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