How Were Ancient Astronomers Different From Modern Day Astronomers


How were ancient astronomers different from modern day astronomers? Ancient astronomers saw mostly different stars than modern astronomers. Ancient astronomers included religious and esthetic preferences in their model. O Modern astronomers do not observe the stars. O Modern astronomers do not pay attention to the daily motion of the Sun and stars. Question 9 1 pts In Ptolemy’s system the planets orbit the Earth and not the Sun. How did the system explain the retrograde motion of planets like Jupiter? O the planets moved on a small circle whose center, in turn, circled a point near the Earth the planets were not moving along the ecliptic but all over the celestial sphere O the planets moved in very elongated ellipses, and their speed in orbit changed radically over the course of a year the Sun moved among the planets, and pulled them out of their circular orbits Question 10 1 pts What was one of the main reasons that astronomers in the Middle Ages doubted the Geocentric Model? the mathematical calculations were too complicated for them to complete O it failed to accurately predict the positions of the planets O astronomers observed that planets moved in circles O astronomers observed the motion of the Earth

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