How Voter Suppression Techniques Discourage People From Voting

Chronicles aspects of the 2000 election, with particular emphasis on the recounting of Florida ballots. The film is currently on HBO. Rental Fee is $ 3.99 and Free with Prime Video. (Links to an external site.)

or use this link (free movie)

The rubric for the Film Reactions are as follows: 1) Main idea is presented and your response is related to the questions presented 2) Responses to questions are substantive and at least 4 sentences 3) Evidence, quotes and/or specific examples are referenced in your reaction to buttress your assertions — providing time stamps are useful and 4) Your responses must use standard grammar and writing mechanics.

The questions are below:

  1. Describe 3 instances of voter suppression techniques used in the film and discuss how those practices discouraged or prevented people from voting.
  2. Explain the reason why a “mandatory machine recount” was ordered.
  3. Federalism is an important concept in describing how our political system works. Explain how federalism impacted the process and outcome of the 2000 election.
  4. Consider the campaign and elected officials involved in the scenario. If you had a role in the Florida recount which person or office would you play, and why?

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