How Unhealthy Environments Affect The Relationships Among Members Of A Community

One of the threads through all of Linda Hogan’s literature is that taking care of the environment is a way to also take care of people. With that in mind, reflect on films regarding oil drilling in Los Angeles County, lead contamination, climate change, and native peoples.

In 150 to 250 words, write a personal narrative about your thoughts on the physical environment in your communities. This paper requires solely your personal opinion. Focus on the following questions, but do not JUST answer the questions. Take some time to reflect and then state your thoughts in full paragraph form.

To what extent were you aware of how native communities’ experiences with climate change?

To what extent were you aware of the drilling and lead contamination in LA County?
How does knowledge of the health impacts of these events affect your view of living in LA County?
What areas of LA County did you notice are most affected by pollution from drilling and lead contamination?
In your opinion, how does unhealthy environment affect the relationships among members of a community?

150 to 250 words. Citations not required. 12-point font, double spaced.

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