How Understanding A Company’s Business Functions Impacts Business Growth

Today you will begin a new role as the COO of a well-known U.S. Fortune 500 company. You will select the following organization—Netflix
Your first major project role in this position is to analyze the organization’s core business functions and provide a strategic overview at the company’s next board of directors meeting.

Create a white paper giving a strategic overview of the organization. In the white paper, you will:
Create a SWOT analysis that includes a review of the organization’s core business functions.
Discuss how you will take advantage of the strengths and opportunities, improve on the weaknesses and tackle the threats.
Create a new vision statement that incorporates your SWOT findings.
Provide an explanation of how the understanding of the company’s core business function is beneficial.
Explain how understanding the company’s business functions impacts business growth.

In your assignment, you will incorporate information from the readings, your research, and personal experience (using APA citations where appropriate). Several resources that will be helpful in completing the white paper have been provided below.
NOTE – Be sure the document displays proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

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