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A managerial economics research paper is one of the most important results of the researcher’s survey and operations. The importance of such a paper is to make the work available to other researchers and to identify priority in the chosen field of research. The main distinction of a managerial economics research paper is that it should prove that you are devoted to the field.

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During your Managerial Economics Research Paper presentation, there is a need to show new concepts. The concepts concerning the very diverse field of Managerial Economics. If you do not have any idea on how to do it, you can seek economics homework help online.  My Homework Writers offers the best guidelines on how to write a Managerial Economics Research Paper.

Structure of Managerial Economic Research Paper

Research gives us a way to formally answer the questions that spark your interest. A managerial economics research paper asks how an individual or a group of people would solve a particular problem. Also, how they respond to a particular incentive and how a particular variable responds to an exogenous shock.

Most managerial economics research papers are majorly theoretical, empirical or even both. The type of paper you write will depend on the type of economics homework help you get or your question. It also depends on whether researched data on your topic exists. Here is the structure of a managerial economic research paper:


You need to have a title when writing a managerial economics research paper. The header should be very precise. You also need to add the name of the Author and the contact, address, academic degree etc. You should not occupy a lot of space with your heading. In case you need economics homework help in terms of relevant examples and illustrations go to My Homework writers.


The introduction of a managerial economics research paper should begin with a summary of your topic. Talk about what you are actually addressing in the paper especially the major contributions. As soon as you mention that, mention something unique and unexpected about it. This will make the reader more interested in reading more of your work.

The reader is your audience and thus you need to make your thesis interesting. You also need to convince the reader about your argument in the first two paragraphs of your work. Explain your contribution so that the audience can understand it. Do not just say the conclusion but explain the facts of your findings in your managerial economics research paper.

Discussion of Findings

Do not start with a long motivation on how important the issue is to public policy. You should rather start with your key contributions and how different they are from previous works done. Ensure that you state the implications of your findings. If your findings and analysis are inconclusive be upfront about it and briefly state why.

Two pages is a good upper limit for the introduction. Outline your objectives to write the paper on a given subject. State the problem of the survey and explain your contributions to your audience. For economics homework help on this part of managerial economics research paper visit My Homework Writers.

Literature review

The question you concentrate on is not a new one since other economists and researchers working on it. You should accumulate and review the works of different researchers and economists. You can represent key points of their managerial economics research paper with illustrations by use of diagrams or tables. This section of a managerial economics research paper usually consists of two parts.

The first section should discuss previous research that is directly relevant to your paper. The review must not only be topical but include research which employs the same methods you are using. Methods such as the use of the same data set or the same analyzing model. You should keep in mind that your main contribution is to the economics discipline. This means that you should be able to relate your work to previous managerial economics research papers.

The relevance of your Research

The second section should explain your contributions to a lot of details and very vividly. You should discuss how your approach is different from previous works. Is it a new model, new data or a new identification strategy? You should think creatively in this section about issues of external validity.

Are your findings relevant for a population or an institution environment? Are they different from previous works, and is that the reason they differ. This section should be about two single-spaced pages. If you do not understand this part, you can seek economics homework help from My Homework Writers.

Data section

You need to outline the data you are using, representing the time span when it existed and the sources of the data. The section should cover two parts. For the first part, you should describe whether you have a panel, cross section/time series.

Also, what the unit of observation is and how many observations you have. Discuss the limitations of the data such as missing variables, missing observations and survey responses. You can highlight the importance of the limitations on the managerial economics research paper.

It is important for you to know that the ideal data set would be the hypothesis. Therefore, you would want to test and compare your data to it. Do not forget to give the origin of the data to help the reader understand your work. You should make a table that illustrates and gives the summary statistics for each variable.

You need to describe each variable carefully and point out how the empirical measures deviate from their theoretical complement. Typical summary statistics offered include; maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation values for each variable.

Data Illustration

This section is the place to offer interesting information about the data like drawing a histogram to illustrate the distribution of skewed data. You should also pay very keen attention to what aspects of your data will be most relevant to your project. Do not spend a lot of time discussing your dependent variables instead of controlled variables.

The second section should show relevant descriptive statistics of data. You should have a number of tables with means and standard deviation for variables you will be using in the analysis. The names of the variables should be clear to the reader. This section should be approximately one single-spaced page. For any economics homework help in this section, there is a well-illustrated guideline at My Homework Writers.

Identification Strategy

Identification is your particular approach and view of estimating causal effect in a managerial economics research paper. You should first clearly understand what your approach is and describe your identification strategy clearly.

Most of the empirical work comes down to the claim that “C is the cause of D”. You note this by some form of regression and calculation. You need to explain the identification of the causal effect in the data. The identification strategy shows the issues that motivate your managerial economics research paper. It demonstrates clearly your awareness of what others have written on the topic.

Automatically the next step is to come up with a specific question, conjecture or problem. You then describe the approach that you will take to solve, answer and test it. Regularly, this will take the form of an empirical hypothesis. The hypothesis makes a claim about how some part of the economy works.

You can evaluate and assess it by analyzing the relevant data. When presenting your hypothesis, you should discuss the data set you are using and the regression you will run. You should state when you found the data, use a table/graph to summarize them. Also, describe how the data relates to the hypothesis and note any problem they pose.

Data Identification

The section illustrating how the estimates you used causes effect on your hypothesis is the heart of this paper. An empirical management economics research paper answers your specific “C causes D” question. You need to set out the question, review the prior literature, explore the theoretical perspective and formulate a hypothesis.

By doing this, you are now ready to do some analysis. In this section, you should set up a compelling argument about your identification strategy in identifying the causal effect of interest. Be clear about the specific identification strategy used. Explain the basic econometric specification and explain each of the variables and parameters of interest.

Elaborate why this is the correct specification for the question that you are addressing. What theory did you derive it from and does it exist in prior empirical work. Say why you included some variables and why you did not include others. Be very clear about where the identification is coming from.

This will provide the assumption you need to make in order to interpret the parameters as you wish to interpret them. This section must be approximately two single-spaced pages. Should you need any economics homework help in this section feel free to visit My Homework Writers.


You should only interpret the coefficients on key variables presented in the managerial economics research paper. Explicitly mention the estimated coefficient of the crucial explanatory variables in the analysis and comment on what it means. You should also note both statistical significance and point estimates and interpret the magnitude of the estimated effect.

After doing so, explain whether differences between alternative and naïve estimates are bigger or smaller. Elaborate if there are any coefficients, strange, large or that are unexpected. You should also provide units when discussing numbers, such as estimated coefficients or predicted Y values. When you are testing a hypothesis, you should show the null hypothesis, compute the test statistics and report the P value. You should also state if they agree with or reject the null hypothesis.

Parameter Estimation

During parameter estimation, you need to report the estimated SE and a 95% confidence interval. Discuss any potential biases or shortcomings and suggest effective ways to check them out. Present and interpret results from various other result runs.

Compare the results you get with others in the literature and check if they support or contradict managerial economics theory. Finally, in this section, you should try to stick to three to five single-spaced pages. For proper guidance and direction on this section seek economic homework help at My Homework Writers.

Discuss Your Results

In this section of your managerial economics research paper, you should discuss the ambiguities arising from the results. Explore the different possible interpretations that you can arrive at in this research. The author should be able to give the strongest arguments to support his research and the others to complement his work.

You should also be able to give a future direction suggested by the results given in the research. In this section, you should try to stick to two single-spaced pages. In order to get a proper guide in this part seeks economic homework help at My Homework Writers.

Conclusions of your Managerial Economics Research Paper

This section should be brief and should state what the main findings in your managerial economics research paper were. It should also explain the importance of the findings and how the impact economic policy. This section should be strictly about one single space page.

If you want to get to know how to conclude your work, seek economics homework help at My Homework Writers. You will get the best ways of drafting a conclusion on your managerial economics research paper. In addition, you will get a well-explained paper of how to write it described to you on the website.

Placing Citations in Your Managerial Economics Research Paper and References

When deriving a theory or facts from a source, cite the source in the text of your paper. Your in-text citation will contain the name of the author and the year of publication. The way you format this information depends on whether you wish to draw attention to the source. It also depends on whether you referred to the author previously in your paper.

Citations are very important because they show the reader where the information in your paper comes from. You need to consider different formatting styles such as APA and MLA before making your citations. This will enable you to adhere to the instructions given in your managerial economics research paper. Here are different forms of references that you should know about:


Loud Reference

If you wish to acknowledge the source of an idea explicitly, cite the name in the body of your sentence. You also need to place the publication date parentheses. The first times you cite the name of the author provide both names the first and last names.

For example;

James H. Rein burger (1820)

Thereafter, refer to the author by the last name only;

Rein burger (1900)

Thus a first-time reference.

Soft Reference

If you wish to evoke a source that substantiates a claim you make, cite the name of the author. You also need to cite the date in parentheses.

For Example

Simon Millner (2004); Grace Hennessey (2008)

Thereafter refer to the others with their last name only;

Millner (2004); Hennessey (2008)

The list of authors appears in order of publication dates and a semi-colon separates the dates and sources.

Listing your references

Every source you list, you need to provide a description of the author’s work and its relevance to your research. You can head to My Homework Writer’s website to go through their comprehensive guide. Indentation, capitalization, punctuation and the ordering of information in references define a particular documentation style.

You need strictly follow this method. Check whether you need to do a bibliography or an annotated bibliography. This will enable you to include the relevant contents in your research paper. It is important for you to note different reference formatting styles. This will guide you in adhering with the instructions of your managerial economics research paper. Here are different sources you can use:

Three Types of Sources

There are three main sources;

  • Journal articles; they appear in publications issued at regular intervals or seasons. You can tell a journal through a publication date, month or year. Another sign is the lack of publishers name e.g. “New York Press”.
  • Books; The opening of a book usually gives the name of the author, title of the book, name of publisher, place and year of publication.
  • Unpublished sources: These are information from individuals or institutions that sponsored them.

In conclusion, writing a managerial economics research paper is not that hard as it sounds. However, if for any reason you find it difficult, you can seek economic homework help from My Homework Writers.

You can also check out the comprehensive guide at My Homework Writers. The guidelines above are an example that will enable you to know how to write a managerial economics research paper assignment. Also, you can use their writing services to complete your managerial economics research paper assignment.

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