How Performance Is Related To Rewards

Part 1
Question one:
Consider an employee who always performs satisfactorily but has little or no opportunity to improve and can go no higher in the organization and does not aspire to do so. Why is it considered necessary to continue periodically appraising this employee’s performance? Should the employee be required to continue with professional training? Why or why not?
Question Two:
Why is it necessary for a health care institution to have official written policies for addressing issues of medical ethics? Provide an example of how ethical standards can change over a period of time.

Part 2
Write 3 pages APA formatted paper addressing the following questions (and include at least six [6] peer-reviewed sources):
Describe and explain how an organization’s perception of value, skill sets, and global sales skills affect the salesperson directly, and can vary according to skill?
Describe and explain how performance is related to rewards. Point out that rewards, like performance, are multidimensional. Most companies offer a variety of rewards.
Define and explain intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and its impact on sales people motivation and performance?

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