How Does the “LIVE TESTS” Campaign Demonstrate the Characteristic of Integrated Marketing Communication


This case study is worth 25% of your grade. Please go through chapter 14 ‘s resources, audio slides, books and notes before attempting to answer the case study. You may support your answers with, and relate them to, concepts from other chapters, external resources such as other books, academic papers, e-journals and business articles (Any resources that you use should be properly cited). • Avoid relying on plagiarism websites to generate your answers. Beware that copying information and answers directly from those websites is considered plagiarism and all students in the group will be penalized. • Please read the case on pages 447-449 of chapter 14 and answer the 4 discussion questions at the end of the case (14-18, 14-19, 14-20 and 14-21). The questions and marks allocated for each question are as follows: 14-18) Which promotional mix elements does Volvo trucks use? (8 marks) 14-19) How does the “LIVE TESTS” campaign demonstrate the characteristic of integrated marketing communication? What grade would you give “LIVE TESTS” on integrated effectiveness? (was it effective? Explain). (7 marks) 14-20) Is the consumer marketing approach taken by “LIVE TESTS” appropriate for all B- to-B marketers? Explain. (5 marks) 14-21) What challenges does Volvo trucks face in maintaining the success it has achieved with this campaign? (5 marks) • Your answer to each question should take the form of a short essay, where there is an introduction (defining relevant concepts or topic in general), body ( answering the actual question in details), and conclusion (summing up what you think in one or two sentences). • Start answering each question on a separate page. Your answers should be double spaced, font 12, Times New Roman, with a maximum word limit of 1200 words. Include your names and ID numbers on the cover page, with the case title, and include a reference list on the last page. Company Case Volvo Trucks: Integrated Marketing Communications of Epic Proportions When you think of Volvo, you probably think of the boxy and se the same with Volvo cars, the Volvo Group is now a separate date, practical and safe automobiles made in Sweden-the ones company and one of the largest producers of commercial trucks professors and young, married couples with children use to cart in the world under various brands including Renault Trucks, Mack her groceries home. This story is about another Volvo-the Volvo Trucks, UD Trucks, and its largest, Volvo Trucks. Group, maker of trucks. And not just SUVs or pickups, mind you. A few years ago, Volvo Trucks faced a big challenge. It was We’re talking about full-sized, heavy duty semi-trucks and trail preparing for its first major product launch in 20 years —five new ers, mining and construction vehicles, and buses. Once one and truck models in one year. With that launch, Volvo Trucks needed 448 PART 3 | Designing a Customer Value -Oven Strategy and Me After that is suport , WONOS da soolte morem sinh cho or over the end of anong bulon demonstrating the truck’s 12 -inch ground clowance . The provides a dramate of the tow hooks given by Volvo Trucks president of above a harbor . HOMO stands perched atop a Volvo truck with a super ay naler named che by Ngono Wheel Beached them whool . And in an interactive 360 – degree openende mnouvracy . ” The Chase provides the port de VON WC s runs from bus thround The timed ise of each of theo0 VOOS WC by various supporting promotional efforts designed to be campaigns message and drive trac to Youtube VD Sponsored puts in the trucking swer with Volvo ongnoers , released in both print and The Ondaniner punte 900 base for Volvo Trucks , building toward the camps finden more than a you and on the eve o out Greetings from Chuck , a video for the holidays fournga Chuck Nons pertoming spits on the wings of two Looh C – 58 while w – up tree – shaped pyramid of mitary part ors stood on his head . In all , the media impact of the came Was valued at more than $ 170 milion . The compagnie many wards – including the Creative Effectiveness Grand The campo produced measurable behaviors as target usiomers . In a survey of 2.200 commercial truck owo hall of those who saw the videos indicated they were more 10 Choose Volvo for the next purchase , while a third of campaign’s dramatic video climax , the number of Volvo while the Volvo Trucks Facebook page perenced a 100 Cannes – that Advertising Ago dubbed Volvo Trucks the Onits had the contact a dealer or vished a voie w Torted communication strategy that would achieve lofty go-to get people worldwide to talk about its com mercial trucks, Volvo Trucks wasn’t just interested in creating buzz among its normal target set of corporate truck buyers wanted to appeal to regular folks in a way that would hohen ther awareness of the brand, skevate the brand’s cool factor and get people taking sharing, and supporting the brand from Singapore to Swaziland. How accomplished this-and how Volvo Trucks keps the brand in the public eye today-1 an ad vertising coup of epic proportions. Spanish town A Consumer Approach Typically, when a B-to-B company wants to promote a new product, it goes through an agency that specializes in its indus try. That’s what Volvo Trucks did previously, working with vari ous agencies through different types of traditional media includ- ng print advertising, PR, and direct mail. But as prepared to urlash is a new line of heavy-duty trucks, the Swedish truck ing firm realized that the media landscape had fundamentaly changed since its last major launch. And the new media world called for a different approach to broadcasting the brand’s mos sage–something unique that would outsmart competitors. Rather than go through a B-to-B agency with exper- YouTube subscribers had normased 2.300 percent to 85. once in commercial trucks, Volvo Trucks enlisted Forsman 8 Bodenfors-one of Sweden’s leading creative agencies with a story of groundbreaking consumer campaigns for the likes ont increase in fans to 290.000 But it was the final installment in the first round of the te of IKEA UNICEF, and Volvo Cars. As Forsman & Bodenfors Tests” campaign that hit the ball out of the park in “Epic Sok developed the campaign och revealed two important martial arts superstar Jean Claude Van Damme stood whe Insights about commercial trucks. First, long-haul truckers love foot on the mirrors of two side-by-side shiny new gold Vol their trucks, forming an emotional connection with them that trucks as they moved progressively farther apart in reverse, resembles the relationship between regular drivers and their daily zing their distance at the point where the Muscles from B rides. Second, a large volume of influencers have an impact on is poised in ful and perfect spits. The dramatic video highligne truck-buying decisions-a set that includes friends, family mem- bers, colleagues, bosses, and even the clients and businesses Volvo Dynamic Steering-an electronically controlled mechani whose products the trucks carry that adjusts 2.000 times per second for unsurpassed preos Armed with these insights, the team set out to create an in- Within a month, the video had drawn 60 million YouTube tegrated campaign that would amaze experienced truckers by ing on to become the most viral non-Super Bowl automotive add showcasing the new trucks’ features while simultaneously cap- al time. Also by the end of the month, Volvo Trucks delivered tivating the general public with breathtaking demonstrations percent more trucks to dealers than it had for the same more Traditional television advertising was out of reach budgetwise. It previous year was also not a good fit for the kinds of messages the campaign needed to communicate or the types of buzz the agency hoped The Synergy of IMC to create So Forsman & Bodenfors turned to social media. The result was a campaign dubbed “Live Tests,’ a fully integrated Although each piece of the “Live Tests campaign was die promotional effort rooted in a series of documentary style fims in tself, the sum of the parts produced a result more more designed to have impact on a Hollywood scale than any of the stunts performed in the campaign videos cording to Forsman & Bodenfors, the campaign produced not Appealing to the Masses with “Live Tests” than 100 million video views, 8 million social media som The first film to go up on Volvo Trucks’ YouTube channel was “The more than 20,000 editorial features. It also produced to Ballerina.” a three-minute making of-style video in which world of video spots good for another 50 milion views record holding higher Forth Dickey woked a wire between two speeding Volvotrucks, completing the run just in time to duck as the trucks entered two opposing sides of a tunnel, violently snapping the tight wire. The video was designed to demonstrate the tremendous steering precision of the new Volvotrucks, Al- though the “Live Tests campaign every parned out into a multi-feature, long-running campaign, it was only after “The Bal. lerina’ was posted that the campagn’s strategy began to take shape. When you create for YouTube, you can’t plan too much in advance because you really don’t know how… popularan idea or piece of fim will be recounts Bom Engstrom, senior partner with the ad agency Awarded Advertiser of the Year website. “If we talk to our salespeople in our 140 markets all over the world,” said Anders Vilhelmsson, PR director for Volvo Trucks, “they tell us very often one of the first things prospective austomers bring up in conversation is the viral film.” With all this success achieved on a shoestring budget, it’s no surprise that Volvo Trucks extended the “Live Tests” campaign. Following the same model set by the first six videos, the team produced some unlikely pieces, including a race between a Volvo tractor and a supercar as well as a hidden camera exposé showing the reaction of a valet as a Volvo truck pulls up in front CHAPTER 14 Engaging QL 14- 14- 14- 14- of a black-tie casino. But the most recent video became one of the most successful entries of the campaign to date. “Look Who’s Driving” puts a darling British four-year-old behind the remote controls of the Volvo FMX-a dump truck that the ad proclaims is “the toughest truck we ever built.” Rather than just a clever series of stunts for the sake of stunts, Live Tests” pulled off a monumental task. By selecting features with high relevance to both its new models and the target audi- ence, Volvo communicated those features through stories that captivated viewers everywhere. The campaign achieved the goal of successfully launching five new trucks, with phase two ultimately producing a social media fan base double the size of the one Volvo Trucks had achieved following the first phase of the campaign. The campaign has also helped Volvo Trucks to achieve record sales and market share worldwide. Even more amazing, Volvo Trucks dd all that on a shoestring budget. In the world of integrated mar- keting communications, “Live Tests” is truly an epic. Sou Ow new “Но Mar turn Truc WW Off 18, pull- “Un Adv of A ma

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