How Does Qatar Deal with the Issue of Gender


chrane, The Bubble’s Jagged Edge.” Ekruti Magazine, 1 Analysis OUNTRY WITH A VISION Finally, if we refer to the statistics from the survey given in the earlier ‘OB in the News’ box, we see that 28 percent es in recent years have occurred in Qatar. amad Bin Khalifeh II has made signifi- of Qatar’s female population believes that conditions to the development of the country. In and opportunities have improved for them. In addition, have become able to use their vision, 31 percent feel that they have equal compensation to professional abilities in the roles of their male coworkers. Given that the overall impression is that the Arab female is not given the opportunity to shine and expose her abilities, these numbers are quite interesting for an Arab country. Questions manager he moment is the wife of the Prince, ho has shown herself to be an individ- heikha Moza works hard to preserve her while she participates in activities, and encourages 1. How does Qatar deal with the issue of gender despite do the same. Al-Shiekha the fact that it is an Arab country? quality in everything one 2. How can we relate what’s happening in Qatar to the males and females. learning process? strated their abilities 3. Describe Sheikha Moza’a personality according to the sering, construction, and nutrition. Fifty Big Five Personality Model. ers of the Doha Stock 4. What risks do you think Al-Sheikha Moza took to companies in Qatar are implement what she has achieved in Qatar? ed Quality Changes,” Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal, Arab Business Magazine, Special Issue, May 2010/Year 32,

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