How Beliefs And Attitudes Influence Consumer Behavior

Your initial response should be at least 400 words
1. The type of decision making a consumer uses for a product does not necessarily remain
constant. Why? Support your answer with an example from your own experience.
2. How do beliefs and attitudes influence consumer behavior? How can negative attitudes
toward a product be changed? How can marketers alter beliefs about a product? Has there
been a product that you have had a negative or positive attitude about and then have changed
your mind?
3. Go to the websites of JCPenney,, and
Target, Determine which is more product-focused and which is more
brand focused. Which company’s approach do you think will appeal more to the “Holy Grail”
target market of 25- to 35-year-old women? Why?
4. Many are beginning to argue that fast-food companies, such as McDonald’s and Burger King,
are knowingly marketing unhealthy food to consumers. Is it unethical for fast-food companies to
market kids’ meals to children?
5. How can a company could benefit from implementing a CRM system? What are some ideas
for collecting data from customers in an innovative way

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