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Community Education: Bullying and Teen Dating Violence

For this week’s discussion, you will examine community education as  it relates to bullying and teen dating violence. Bullying and teen  dating violence are social issues that you may be required to address  when working with youth.

Please respond to the following:

  • Explore the role of community education with regard to bullying. 
    • In your answer, discuss why it is important to address bullying  through educating others, and describe why this social issue is a public  health problem.
  • Examine the ways in which education in schools and education in the  community are the same and different with regard to bullying. 
    • In your answer, explain why you think education in schools and  education in the community are both important with regard to this social  issue.
  • Analyze the role of community education as it relates to teen dating violence. 
    • In your answer, analyze at least two resources related to preventing  teen dating violence, and identify anything that you think needs to be  added or changed about the resources.
  • Explain why educating the community about teen dating violence is of importance in terms of later dating relationships. 
    • In your answer, explore the potential consequences that may occur if  dating violence is not prevented or addressed through community  education when individuals are in adolescence.



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