History of Pandemics

History of Pandemics

Paper Length: 3-4 pages (Times New Roman, Font Size 12, Double Spaced)
Cover page is optional. Paper length does not include list of references, or any supplemental
material on the source.
Finding a Source:
The first step is to find a source that interests you. You have the freedom to choose anything that

appeals to you. It could be a letter about inoculation, or an account of a patient suffering from
AIDS, or a doctor’s notes on Malaria. It doesn’t have to be limited to what has been covered so
far, or the diseases in the syllabus.
Once you have your source, you will then analyze it. The rest of your paper should focus on
analyzing it. The analysis will depend on the kind of source you are using, but it has to address
some basic issues.
1. Who is the author of the source?
2. What was their purpose of producing it?
3. Who is the intended audience?
4. What was the socio-political backdrop when the source was produced?
Depending on the source you have, you can then discuss the unique features of your source. For
example, if you know the gender and race of the author, you can demonstrate how the source
reflects this. Finally, you have to sum up the limitations of the source.
Where to find primary sources:

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