HCA322: Health Care Ethics & Medical Law- Stark Law

Stark Law
Case Study: Review this scenario:
Two physicians Dr. S. and Dr. V. leased a nuclear camera so they would no longer have to refer their patients to the local hospital for nuclear imaging. Faced with the prospect of losing over a third of its $2274094 in annual gross nuclear medicine revenues the hospital responded by threatening to revoke the doctors admitting privileges. Lengthy negotiations ensued at the end of which the hospital agreed to sublease the camera from the two physicians; the camera remained at the physicians offices but other physicians with privileges at the hospital could use it. Four other local physicians who provided the same or similar services to patients as Dr. S. and Dr. V. brought a qui tam action alleging that the sublease violated the Anti-Kickback and Stark Acts and that the defendants falsely certified compliance with those laws in connection with claims submitted to Medicare in violation of the False Claims Act.
(Please note: This is an actual court case and an Internet search may uncover the actual case details. You are prohibited from utilizing any source materials associated with this case. Use of any related materials will result in a reduction of points on this assignment. This assignment is being graded on your ability to critically thinkon your own recognizancebased on your comprehension of the knowledge provided in this weeks learning materials.)
Instructions: Carefully review Chapter 7 of your textbook (Bustillos D. (2013). Health care ethics and medical law. San Diego CA: Bridgepoint Education Inc.)and research Stark Law. Given this scenario analyze whether the actions of Dr. S. and Dr. V. violated Stark Law. Provide solid evidence supporting your decision by utilizing information from the Ashford University Library as well as the law itself.
Your paper must be two to three pages in length excluding the title and reference pages; include at least two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook; and be written in APA format.

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