Group Therapy with Older Adults

Group Therapy with Older Adults

As the population continues to age, more and more older adults will require therapy for various mental health
issues. While the group setting offers many benefits and makes therapy more accessible to those in need of
services, this therapeutic approach may not be effective for all clients. For this Discussion, as you examine
your own practicum experiences with older adults in group therapy settings, consider strategies to improve the
effectiveness of your sessions.
Learning Objectives
Analyze group therapy sessions with older adults
Recommend strategies for improving the effectiveness of group therapy sessions for older adults
To prepare:
Review this week’s Learning Resources, and consider the insights provided on group therapy with older adults.
Reflect on your practicum experiences with older adults in group therapy settings.
Start writing by:
(1a). Post a description of a group therapy session with older adults, including
(1b). the stage of the group,
(1c). any resistances or issues that were present, and
(1d). therapeutic techniques used by the facilitator.
(2). Explain any challenges that may occur when working with this group.
Support your recommendations with evidence-based literature.

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