George Washington’s “Farewell Address”


For this assignment, you will analyze the major points of George Washington’s “Farewell Address” and consider the contemporary government. Were the warnings and exhortations followed in the days since his presidency. What items did Washington feel of utmost importance as he left office? Including differing points of view is preferred and encouraged.


Follow the below instructions to compose your assignment:

  • Length of assignment – 2-3 pages.
    • Make sure to include a bibliography page if applicable.
  • This assignment also includes particulars for the title page:
    • Must include a title page (not counted in total page number) that contains:
      • A title,
      • Your name,
      • Your section (ex: GOVT 200-S02),
      • Your instructor’s name, and
      • The date the assignment is due (all single-spaced in the footer of the cover page).
    • No page number is necessary for the cover page or for the first page in the body of the paper.
  • Format of assignment – APA
  • Acceptable sources – Scholarly articles published within the last five years, the Bible, online articles given as assignments, and any other pertinent source that helps the student answer the assignment prompt.


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